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  Dennis Maust was born in 1952 in Harrisonburg, Virginia. He attended both Eastern Mennonite, and Goshen Colleges, graduating from EMC in 1975. After earning a Master of Arts degree in Painting and Ceramics from James Madison University, he and his wife lived overseas in Egypt, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.


  Upon returning to the states, he earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology’s School for American Crafts. Since graduating in 1986 he has combined teaching ceramics and producing one-of-a-kind pieces in clay.

  Dennis has lived in Lancaster County since 1990 with the exception of1998-2001 when he moved his family to Tanzania in East Africa where he was involved in product-design work with various craft groups. Dennis has had work in exhibitions across the country and has had work published in Ceramics Monthly and Pottery Making Illustrated.

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