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2020 Exhibitions


Solo Exhibition at Public Media Center, WITF, Harrisburg, PA

I presented a new series of artwork combining photography and vessels.  For many years I have taken photographs of interesting surface textures and colors that have influenced my ceramics work.  In this exhibition I brought these together, pairing a photo with a vessel whose surface reflected the texture or color.

Cincinnati Mennonite Arts Weekend, Cincinnati, OH

The work I chose for this exhibition continued my combination of photos and vessels

Crossings, Landis Homes, Nov, 2019

This exhibition was a look back, featuring vessels created during recent years.

Grey Green Urn
Multi-media Work
EMU Art Exhibition 
"Memorable Surfaces"
November 16-December 10, 2018
Margaret Martin Gehman Gallery
        Artist Statement

Throughout my career I have remained interested in surface dynamics ie. how a surface conveys a sense of place, the passage of time, or how it reflects the multiple facets of my own visual memory. With the Ceramic medium there is an incredible array of possibilities through the use of colored slip (wet clays containing oxides or stains for color or iron impurities for natural browns, tans ,or yellows) over which glazes are applied. Glazes themselves have their own myriad of qualities from matte to glossy, opaque to clear, flat to saturated color etc.

This grouping of ceramic works illustrates the many kinds of slip/glaze combinations I have used in the last two years to create work ( hopefully) with memorable surfaces.

The Urns, Cups, and Vessels in this exhibit demonstrate the variety I have utilized but really only scratch the surface of Ceramic Art potential when compared to the History of World Ceramics.

My intent with the three groupings of work are illuminated below.

Urns: made to contain the Cremains of an individual person who lived a unique life.  The surface and decoration used ,hopefully reflects something of that person's character be it quiet, calm, lively, flamboyant, or colorful. Other decorative approaches capture an individual's love of nature using elements drawn from the natural world or interest in travel through the use of international cultural motifs.

Cups: Made to drink from or to use in a daily routine, its surface and/or decorative elements reflect the owners taste. While sharing structural technique, each cup is unique in its combination of motif, color, and


Vessels: A representation of our urge to contain memory and experience. Made to hold or pour liquid effectively while suggesting a place or its history through surface treatment or glaze finish.

The Clay Studio:
Small Favors

04/03/2015 - 05/31/2015

Since 2006, The Clay Studio has held Small Favors 

annually as a way to engage artists in new and exciting ways by providing a 4” acrylic cube that places a limitation in scale that must be rigorously adhered to

(or creatively worked around).








To the right:

Four Legged Cup,



Four Legged Cup
Lidded Container

To the left:

Lidded Container,



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